The Neuro20 Smart Suit is a flexible, form-fitting Lycra suit providing electrical muscle stimulation and biosensor information through an IoT remote platform. Twenty stimulating machine washable large electrodes are embedded into the suit, located over large muscles covering motor points to create an involuntary contraction. The electrodes activate the arms, chest, trunk, hip, and thigh muscles simultaneously, independently, or in a sequenced pattern. The electrode sizes and shape are constructed respective to muscle contour and are anti-microbial/anti-bacterial.

Neuro20 Pro System

Antibacterial/ Antimicrobial

Machine Washable/ Hygienic

20 Muscle Contoured Electrodes
(no replacement needed)

Safety Strap

Multiple Sizes

Long Zipper for easy put-on over the hips

Magnetic attachemnt to secure lanyard during movement

Long lanyard for self zip assist

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